Is your bling in season? Looking for something shiny to help make your new outfit complete? Then you’ll want to delve into this list of must-have jewelry trends for 2016 to add the right touch of flair to your look.

The 1990s are back in a big way. We’re seeing the styles from that decade return to the runway in clothing, footwear and jewelry. It’s the perfect way to amp up that sexy low-cut dress.

Gold Layers
Gold is at an attractive price right now, making it popular again amongst the designers. Sweet and sensual charm bracelets as well as dainty pendants are all the rage. They’re perfect for daily wear.

Oversized Earrings
Thanks to what celebrities adorned themselves with at the Oscars, we’re seeing loads of large earrings to complement very simple lines of clothing. From basic cuts to basic colors, oversized earrings help make the woman wearing these items stand out with her own iconic beauty.

Asymmetrical styles
Mismatched earrings, clusters and other asymmetrical looks are hot, hot, hot! They give off an air of youth and make for a more unique and individualized style.

Everything Whimsical
Rainbow colors, adorable jeweled words and other items of whimsy are shifting the way women buy and wear jewelry. Most jewelry stores are seen as stuffy and difficult and adding whimsy to the works makes the experience more fun, modern and approachable.

Fancy Cuts
Particularly where engagement rings are concerned, we’re seeing lots of modern cluster styles that are probably making a lot of grooms-to-be a little worried for their wallets.

Recycled And Ethically-Sourced Items
Hipster demand is in and this niche market is craving all items repurposed and reused. It has made for some interesting designs that are highly wearable and highly ethical all in one.

Feminine Styles 2016
is the year of intensely feminine looks. On the runway, it’s all ruffles and frills. Flowery and soft. Jewelry trends must properly accentuate this so we’re seeing fringes, tiny little charms, bows and sweet thin shapes that speak to the feminine side.

Black And White
The vibe we’re getting with this classic color combo is somewhere between classic Miami Art Deco and rock star rhodium. It’s easy to work into any woman’s style to add a perfect flair in her own special way.

Accessories can change the tone of any ensemble in an instant. Sweet or sassy, wild or mysterious. What will you let your accessories say about you?