Jewelries have a personal undertone already. The fact we own and wear it makes it personal already. But there is room for improvement. We can have our name inscribed on it, our initials and messages for our loved ones engraved on it. Inscribing words like “Love you forever." On a gold ring, is an amazing way of showing love and creativity? Only very few gift items allot us this opportunity, so why not choose one?


Adorning a loved one or treasured one with an expensive jewelry is not a common act. People have this stereotypical belief that buying jewelry is meant for the crème de la crème of the society. However, it is unfounded notion. If you love him or her enough, you will go the extra mile. So, imagine how he or she will feel if on February 14 this year you present to him or her glowing diamond ornament. You have written your name in the annexes of lover’s mind. You have also joined the league of individuals who done this rare act for a lover.

Now, you have good reasons to buy that special person a jewelry this Valentine's day. A part of you might still think it is not logical to spend so much, but remember when it comes to matters of the heart, logic do not apply .We put away the logic and put a smile on that special person. After all, things we do for love.

Now that you have made up your mind to stay away from the Orthodox custom of presenting her flowers, chocolate or cloths as Valentine's gift, and you have decided to go with something different, sophisticated, expensive, luxurious and with finesse, the question lingering now is what range of jewelry item do you choose from?

There is diverse range of jewelry collections to choose from to present as a gift. Here are some suggestions:


A necklace is a perfect choice of gift on Valentine's Day. Men and women wear necklace for diverse reasons. Women wear necklace to draw attention to the fine and delicate curves of their neck. It also draws attention to the cleavage. A necklace symbolizes style, finesse, elegance and grace. For a woman to emit this captivating aura, the necklace she adorns must be of top quality. Examples of necklaces with such captivating power is

  1. Rose diamond "love" shaped necklace.
  2. 2 Yellow diamond "love" shaped necklace
  3. Necklaces studded with gemstones are also a great choice for Valentine's day gift. If it is studded with diamonds, the better.

Men on the other hand put on necklace to show he is fashionable and in vogue. A good example of a necklace to get your man on Valentine's Day is

1 A cross shaped diamond necklace.

It's simple and stylish.


A bracelet is another good choice of gift. A bracelet unlike the necklace adorns the wrist. It gives the wrist a touch of class, beauty and elegance. Women tend to appreciate a bracelet more compared to men. When a woman puts on a bracelet matched with a perfect necklace, it gives her outfit a complete and radiant outlook. It also gives her confidence. Most importantly, it sets her wrists apart. They look unique and glowing.

There are thousands of bracelets out there. Ensure you get one of good quality. Buy one with a diamond coating. It will get the job done.


Pendants are also another amazing choice of gift. It provides the perfect template to appreciate the neck of a woman. Pendants come in different shapes and sizes. The best form of pendant you can present the girl of your dreams Valentine's Day is a diamond pendant. A diamond pendant is attractive and shiny. It is the perfect source of attention. If the girl of your dreams is the romantic type a diamond heart shaped locket pendant is the killer choice. You present her this; you have definitely swept her off her feet. It symbolizes love and a commitment on your part.


Earrings are the oldest ornamental item women use. It is one of the earliest attempts by woman to look beautiful. They have religious, social and cultural values. From a social standpoint, it is a perfect item to present as gift to woman. A white gold diamond earring shaped like a heart is good choice of gift to present to her. It makes her face all the more attractive and radiant. It shows you are attentive to her needs and wants.


If you are woman who wants to dazzle her man on Valentine's Day, the easiest way to achieve this is by getting him a timepiece. The most important ornamental item men have to put on is a wristwatch. Whether it’s with a suit, jean or a casual wear, as long as it is accompanied with a timepiece, it shows class, finesse, elegance and ebullience. A man's outfit is only complete when he puts on a wristwatch. A particular timepiece that will provide this touch of quality and elegance is a gold Rolex wristwatch. It is the perfect choice to adorn your man with this Valentine's Day. A Rolex submarine 50th edition is also another great choice.

Gifting- giving is important part of social life. It is an integral part of our existence. It shows our ability to bond, share and care. Whether it is jewelry gift, chocolate gift or car gift, our motivations for giving gifts differ, but one thing is similar: the impact is always the same. The receiver of a gift never accepts with a smug look on the face but with joy and happiness. Altruism might not be in the blood of every one of us but on special days like Valentine's Day we should try to rise above our egoistic tendencies and buy a gift for someone will love.

People tend to presuppose that buy a jewelry gift is a one way ticket to debt. This is entirely not true. If you intend on buying an expensive diamond ring for your girlfriend, there are ways to achieve this without running into debt. You can save towards it. It's all about planning and commitment. It's only individuals with narcissistic tendencies that run into debt. They did not set out to give gift out of love but to show a financial Superiority.

So, you have read it all. Reasons to give a jewelry gift and forms of jewelry gift to give. It is time to step up and take the bold step of buying a jewelry gift this Valentine. If you have never done it, it is time. Step up to the big leagues!!!