You Want It’s not the ring that counts, but if you are going to be wearing something everyday for the rest of your life, you’d like it to be something you love right? Finding the perfect engagement ring, without ruining the element of surprise or crushing the romance leading up to the proposal can be hard, so here is a list of 4 ways to ensure you get the engagement ring you really want.

1. Go Shopping Together

It can be difficult to get your partner to shop for a ring with you, especially if they are set on keeping the proposal a surprise. Let your boy/girl friend know that it’s not the ring you’re saying yes to, and proposing with something cute or sentimental as a placeholder is preferable to spending thousands on a ring that you hate. A plain band engraved with the date of the proposal would be beautiful, and that is what you wear until you select your engagement ring together. Another way to tackle this approach is to go casual ‘what if’ shopping together. Make it playful not stressful, and be sure to have done your research before hand so you’re not trying on 25 different styles. Stick to what you know you would like to receive, that way your partner goes away with a visual of the type of ring you would like to wear.

2. Make a Pinterest Board

Thank god for Pinterest. Now you can select 10-20 rings that you like, add them to a board and share the link with your partner. In this instance it is best to narrow it down for him as much as you can. Choose one or two cuts that you like, settle on platinum, rose-gold, white gold etc., and leave it at that. This way it will still be a surprise but you will have helped guide the way to something you love.

3. Tell Your Friends

Someone planning to propose to you, but is a little unsure about which style of ring to buy, would be wise to consult your friends on the matter. If you have made a Pinterest board you should share it with your pals, and perhaps your mother (just incase), so they know what you would like, otherwise make sure you have a conversation with them so they can advise your future fiancé.

4. Go Custom

One way to ensure you are sporting a ring you love after you say ‘yes’ is to design it together. Not only will it be unique and utterly personal, it will mean that you both have input in the design of the ring that you are intending to wear everyday for the rest of your life. It’s best to have a conversation about whether you want a custom ring before the proposal so you can design the ring and have it completed before, or it can be something you do together afterwards, but either way you are getting a ring you will love.