So, you have reached that milestone most of us dream of. I congratulate you and I welcome you. Engagement is no easy feat to achieve. From walking up to her or her walking up to you, coping with each other's strength and weakness, I am sure it has been Herculean and amazing. Now, you are ready to take a step further.

Engagement is like the penultimate lap to the D-day. It encompasses various preparations for the D- day. It comes with its own glitz and glamour. Surprisingly, the stress and the glitz are intertwined. A veritable example of this is engagement rings.

Yes, Engagement ring is a combination of stress and glamor. The stress is actually a mental stress. Buying an engagement ring is a labyrinth of complexities. Though, it is beautiful, shiny, glamorous, and sexy. However, buying an engagement ring requires several logistics. First, your financial capability goes a long way in determining the quality your engagement ring. A top- notch engagement ring costs thousands of dollars. It then becomes paramount to know how to plan your expenses. Another factor to consider is the style of fiancée. Engagement rings come in different styles and shapes. We have diamond ringed type and we could also have the ruby shaped type. Your fiancée preference determines which type you buy.

Looking beyond this logistics, engagement rings are not bought because of its shiny characteristics but rather because of what it signifies. Engagement rings have several connotative interpretations. An engagement ring signifies to everyone the importance of your commitment to each other and your commitment to your upcoming marriage. It is a subtle way of announcing to the world your vow to the man or woman you love. Secondly, an engagement ring is a living reminder of your love for each other and your promises. An engagement ring is a unifying symbol of love. It exists to remind both parties of the blooming love between then.

With all this in mind, the question lingering is what are topnotch engagement rings out there? Where can I purchase them? Well, if you looking for a top-class jewelry store with one of the best collections of engagement rings then look no further. The store you have to visit is GAVELLI JEWELERS.

Gavelli jewelers are online jewelry store. It is a curator of different kinds of jewelries such as Rings, chains, pendants, bracelets, earrings and watches. It also offers custom services on all jewelries. It also offers super-fast shipping services. There is an assurance of 100% money back guaranteed policy. If you are buying online, they have quick payment platforms like PayPal.

Gavelli jewelers collect some of the best engagement rings in the world. They are beautiful, stylish, tempting and stunning. Here is five of their best engagement rings :


The 14k white gold oval cut yellow diamond ring is perfectly crafted ring with a touch of style, finesse, beauty and exquisiteness. It is laced with white diamonds on all sides and at the center; we have a sparkling yellow diamond. The design is delicate and ultra- modern. There is simply no denying its beauty. If a part of you feels she might say no, present this to her and you get a resounding yes. It goes for a token of $20,000.00. Gavelli jewelers does not just offer quality services, there are some pro bono services attached like 100% money back guaranteed. They also offer custom job services.


2.24CT 18K yellow gold EGL certified radiant cut natural fancy yellow diamond is pocket- friendly magnificent diamond. Laced with gold all round, this ring epitomizes the word sparkling and beauty. With the combination of yellow diamond and yellow gold, you just bought a master piece. It is also EGL certified diamond. Everything about this ring is just spot on. From the craft, to the design, the diamond and the pocket friendly price of $9,750.00. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. It is so cheap. So, if you hoping to stun that scintillating girl, do not hesitate to choose a sparklingly ring.


If your girl’s favorite flower is rose, then you are about to buy her the perfect engagement ring. It is not every day you come across a rose diamond ring. The ring is simply special for its uniqueness. No girl in this world will say no to a combination gold, diamond and rose color in one object. The ring got swagger, style, exquisiteness. It goes for an affordable price of $64,199.00. Those with an eye for beauty will know the price is not a true reflection of the quality on sale.


Fancy yellow diamond ring is simple but stylish engagement ring. As the name implies, “fancy.” The ring possesses the power of attraction. Laced with white diamonds all round plus a touch of yellow diamond at the center, the combination gives the ring a dazzling and mesmerizing outlook. If the queen of your heart loves to keep it simple yet stylish, this is the perfect choice of engagement ring. The ring is very affordable. With $34,500.00, you have a flashy diamond- studded engagement ring.


1.61ct 18k white gold GIA certified round brilliant diamond engagement ring is the perfect engagement ring for any couple. This ring deviates from the usually complete circular pattern of a ring and adds a kind of staircase design. The execution of the design was flawless and superb. Design is simply magnificent. With a sparkling white 18k diamond at center, you are definitely going blow her mind away. With the glitz and glamour attached to this ring, one would aspect it to cost a fortune. However, with a budget of $10,399.00, this master class is all yours.

Some out there might feel engagement rings are over rated and a waste of money. They might be right and they might not be. One thing is for sure if you have gotten to the junction of engagement, then nothing is over rated or a waste of money. You are about to link yourself to the girl of your dreams physically, emotional and spiritually (if you believe in that). An engagement ring is the one thing that signifies the bond to all eyes. So, why not buy a ring that is befitting, that got style, beauty, dazzling, radiant and swag. After all, you only buy it once. Think about!!!